Day 155 – 17 Miles (2647 miles from Mexico)

It was warm and toasty last night in the hostel thanks to our space heater tucked right between Mountain Spice and me. The nights have been getting COLD and as we were going to sleep we heard the rain pounding outside, I was so happy to be inside.

In the morning I made coffee and we went over to the bakery first thing to see what was what. Then it was back to the room to pack up. We cant lollygag around East Glacier any more, time to make some miles to Canada!

We walked over to the other side of town to visit their bakery too and ran into G Funk, Banana Pants, and #2; I hadn’t seen Banana Pants and #2 since Colorado! They had just finished the day before and were both headed out on the Amtrak today. G Funk would be leaving town tomorrow, so would be about a day behind us.


#2, G Funk & Banana Pants

Then it was hiking. We had a few miles before we hit the park line, and had to take the requsit photos there. Suddenly we were walking in cliffs and high alpine meadows with reds, maroons, golds, and yellows carpeting the ground. So lovely, yet so bitterly cold. The wind felt like it was coming straight out of the artic, and we put on all our layers and hurried towards Two Medicine to seek shelter.


Got my sword and permit!

On the way down the mountain the snow caught up to us off and on, but by the time we reached tree line and were close to the ranger station we were much more protected and didn’t need to hide out in the bathrooms from the cold like we had planned.



We ate lunch before continuing on – just another 7 miles to our camp. We have to stay in designated spots here, and we may have gone more miles if it was up to us, but as it is the 17 mile day will be quite nice; we’ll get to camp early for once!


Mmm, chocolate covered potato chips from Brooke & Adryon!

The hike up was simply gorgous. The light would periodically spotlight a section of ridge, and windows of blue swirled by overhead, sometimes dropping snow, sometimes sun. We spied two mountain goats high over head, and watched them deftly move around on the nearly vertical rock.



Before getting to our camp we met two women who informed us a bunch of grizzlies had visited our camp today. Hmmm, not exactly the best news ever. We continued on and hoped we wouldn’t run into them.

We are being very careful with our food and keeping it in the food zone, there is a seperate area for cooking and hanging food, and the hope is that all smelly stuff will stay far away from the camping areas. Lets hope they don’t need to visit twice in one day.

We made dinner and are back in our sleeping bags, it is so COLD out, all i want to do is curl up in my down buffer against the world.

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