Day 27 – 25 Miles (453 miles from Mexico)

Today was brilliant, cold, and clear. It’s as if yesterday didn’t happen. It’s definitely spring.




Road walking, dirt road no cars walking, zone out and be walking. Good day for walking. So much so that I walked until I saw probably the best view so far of the whole trip.


So I stopped.

10 thoughts on “Day 27 – 25 Miles (453 miles from Mexico)

  1. Renee

    Could you send your gear list or send a link to a site that listed the gear you are carrying for this trip, please? Would it be correct that you are adding and/or subtracting gear at your replenishment stops as you anticipate changes in conditions?

    I am specifically interested in how you are handling first aid, water purification (if you are), and how you are storing food at night vs. critters (bears?).

    Also, I see you are often wearing sandals for your hiking. Can you discuss the ins and outs (and ideally your preferences) of sandals, boots, and trail shoes?

    I can tell each day must be exhausting, so I certainly do not expect an answer anytime soon. Or, if easier for you, I would be happy to hear from your other half regarding the above.

    What an enormous (from where we the laity are standing) undertaking you have made for yourself. I am amazed at how you approach each day as just one at the best office in existence.

    My hat is off to you.

    Sugar Pookums (bowling name – possibly trail name after a new hip)


  2. Hi She-ra, I live in Bend and also enjoy hiking … I have been following your trek and enjoying being on the trail “with” you. I’m not able to follow you day by day so when I catch up sometimes it’s hard to tell where you are. Could you possibly mention a close proximity of a landmark or goal of the day so we know location on a map?
    Thank you for sharing this experience with those of us who may not be physically up to the challenge…YOU GO GIRL!


    • Thanks Kerry! My journal isn’t quite up to date, I’m usually ahead of where I post (security reasons hiking alone!) But one of the last small towns I passed through is Cuba…northern new mexico has been stunning!


      • My husband’s family is in Silver City and the Gila Wilderness area and previously Taos. So am familiar with some of the area…but seeing it by trail must be special. Looking forward to upcoming posts…thank you


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