Day 156 – 19 Miles (2666 miles from Mexico)

We didn’t have any furry visitors during the night (thank goodness) and woke about 7am, packed up, and headed to the food area to make coffee and eat breakfast. We didn’t have that many miles to do today…two passes to climb…so really kind of just took our time throughout the day.


Cool was down there last night

Our first pass came less than 2 miles from camp; Pitamakan Pass proved to be a gentle climb and we were rewarded by patches of blue sky and sunlight! The forcast wasn’t so generous, so we felt very lucky. Snow still clung to the top peaks, and the views, well, pictures can’t do it justice, can’t do any of Glacier justice. It’s 360 magisty.


We took a break on the sunny north side of the pass and I made a mocha latte (hot drinks!) and we ate a considerable amount of our snacks. The trail wound 6 miles down into the next valley before climbing to our next pass, the Triple Divide Pass. What an amazing climb! Hanging valleys, huge waterfalls, glaciers…I could just go on. The top of the pass was calm, and a group of 5 guys came up from the other side, and Atlas joined us too; we all stood in awe of everything.



Next, down into another valley. More waterfalls, more lakes, more rivers and brillant fall colors and amazement.


Camp is at Red Eagle Lake in an old burn, and just as we were finishing dinner the rain that had threatened all day finally found us. We hurried to our shelters to stay dry; it’s still early, but our sleeping bags seem the best place to be.


3 thoughts on “Day 156 – 19 Miles (2666 miles from Mexico)

  1. Enjoy the hiker party and all the hikers!!

    If you all take a moment, have a prayer, lift a glass for the 7 hikers who died this week in the flash floods in Soon this week, please add in my thoughts for th I s loss.

    Also my thanks for all of you who have risked and are safely gathered to celebrate your accomplishments.

    Thanks for taking us along with you via you blog…



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