Day 154 – 0 Miles

I have successfully kept my stomach in a constant state of full, and it’s starting to not feel this good to be so full all the time. I guess I should walk it off.

Oh the things we do to our bodies. I’m really ready for a good dose of reasonable eating and moderate exercise. Just put me in the “normal” zone for a while please!

But until then…living it up!

We went over to the Rock and Roll bakery this morning for coffee and pastries, then learned a bunch of other hikers were eating breakfast across town at a cafe, so went over there for a second breakfast. I met Bigfoot who had turned his thru hike to a motorcycle adventure, and Malarky for the first time.

After second breakfast we hitched up to Two Medicine ranger station to get our backcountry permits for the rest of the hike. Apparently some of the trail is still closed along near St. Mary, so we would be rerouted through the little community of St. Mary, and back to the trail. It looks like Kirk’s passport hasn’t come in, some delay, so I will be finishing at Chief Mountain instead of at Waterton Lake (which requires entry into Canada), so I’ll be back another time to see Waterton anyway, and because Glacier is worth coming back for!

Anyway, as we were hitching to get back to East Glacier a whole family of big horned sheep crossed the road right in front of me! This place is so epic!!!!



Getting back to the hostel we resupplied, I picked up an awesome package from my girl NEMO complete with sword (my name is She-ra after all! Princess of Power…), a feather tattoo, purple glitter nail polish, and all sorts of goodies that we both enjoyed when we hiked the PCT together. She knows just what I need!!


Then the eating continued with a large pizza, and now I’m chilling in my bunk just relaxing and starting a new ebook (some of Ann Patchett’s essays…I really enjoy her writing).

Tomorrow, the mountains!!!

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