I’ve given countless presentations about my hiking experiences over the years, here are a few you can stream online (find more on the videos page):

Below is a presentation I gave at the 2021 National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance conference about ONDA’s Independent Stewardship Program:


2020 presentations as part of ONDA’s High Desert Academy series

Desert Hiking Tips & Trips

Do you have concerns about water, navigation, camping, animals, desert driving and more? We’ll answer your questions and offer ideas for your next adventure in Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands and beyond.
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Multi-Sport Adventures on the Oregon Desert Trail

The Oregon Desert Trail is not just made for hiking. Did you know there are sections that you can bike, paddle, horseback ride, and even ski in the winter? Join us as we dive into different options for “quiet recreation” on the public lands throughout Oregon’s high desert.
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Boots, Bikes, and Boats in Eastern Oregon

Go east on this virtual tour for a new desert adventure and a sense of solitude. You’ll learn about recreation and conservation opportunities in and around the Steens Mountain Wilderness, Fremont-Winema National Forest and the John Day River Basin.
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