Day 87 -26 Miles (1406 miles from Mexico)

I could see some blue sky overhead when I woke from my dank dark spot in the woods. Yes! After a day of rain and a night in a wet tarp, everything was a bit damp.

Well, putting on wet shoes I made my way through soaking wet meadows…the grasses negating any dryness from the night.


Note to self, when there is a sign telling you to take a road detour because a bridge is out…do that. Don’t think its probably fine and keep walking on the trail.

This section was a pain not just because of the washed out bridge (fording it I got myself wet to the waist), but the MANY MANY blowdowns that hadn’t been cleared in all the time that the bridge has been out. I did make it through, but walking that road would have been so much easier.

Then I got a spot of sunlight! I threw my pack down and started hanging a tree with my wet stuff to try and dry out a bit.


Then some walking. The day was lovely, the landscape looked more and more like Wyoming! Well, not really, I didn’t know what Wyoming looked like since I’ve never been.


At lunch I met Michael, a biker who was hitting a few passes on the CDT where the trail is on an old roadbed. He apparently bikes all over the world, and like to bike up to mountain passes. Cool!


The afternoon brought more rain and lightening, I tried to stay out of it as much as I could. And then….


The Border!


I’m in Wyoming baby!


Thanks for the booze Paige!

The hiking after that actually did change, I started seeing CDT signage, lots of it! Yes! Northern Colorado was pretty austere with marking the trail, but Wyoming…I’m impressed.


I made camp in a sunny spot and dried some more stuff out. It was a very nice day and I will sleep for the first time in this lovely state.

One thought on “Day 87 -26 Miles (1406 miles from Mexico)

  1. Looks like bear country! Keep an eye out…I worked for a summer in Yellowstone Natl. Park in the year, 1976. It’s been awhile 🙂 The most beautiful wildflower meadows I have ever seen…


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