Day 88 -15 Miles (1421 miles from Mexico)

No rain last night! And there was no condensation or dew on anything! I was optimistic when I put my semi-dry shoes and socks on, maybe I would have dry feet today.


The wettest spring/summer in Colorado/Wyoming history continues. Beautiful high alpine meadows are beautiful high alpine bogs. Trails are streams. Finally after a few hours I put on my chacos to walk through all the water, at least when they are dry, they are dry. When wet, wet. There are a few days of sun in the forecast, but my dryness levels will depend on how much these Wyoming mountains like to hold on to their water.


We’ve entered a granite section, the white, pink, and red stones glint up at you in the sun, but this rock is not porous, and many pools and lakes are hiding among the tall grasses and many hues of the flowers.


The going was beautiful, and I also got a taste of the Wyoming wind I’ve heard so much about. At one point I was so cold I had to dig out my mittens…and I later heard the wind chill had been in the 20s. No wonder I was cold!


Wind chill of 20s in July, great divide basin looms on the horizon, should be an interesting month!

Still not seeing any hikers and I know people have to be close…

I got to Battle Pass (hwy 70) today hoping to hitch 14ish miles into Encampment to resupply for another few days to Rawlins, but the first 45 minutes or so only 2 cars went by me. Wow, this could take a while. I was sitting on the side of the highway, having determined that I can see down into the western valley to spot any cars that decided to come up this way, when some ATVs and a camper drove up from a dirt road. A ride!

I was dropped off at the Mangy Moose for lunch, a big fat greasy bacon cheeseburger with fries and beer. Merca!

I toddled over to the store across the street and bought all the junk food I think I would need for another stretch…there just wasn’t much else to be had.


I got a ride back and from trail to trail it was a 3 hour town stop…not bad! I’m camped not far from the road, but far enough, having an early day and eating my oreos.

Wyoming, so far so good!

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