Day 86 – 26 Miles (1380 miles from Mexico)

It rained. It rained most of the night and I woke to rain, because of which I slept in about an hour. When I finally got going the day was misty with swirling clouds of rain and darkness. I walked enjoying the sight.



There goes that new shoe feel.

Later in the morning the trail ridgewalks a bit, but by then the rain was a driving soaking torrent that turned to big, fat, wet snowflakes for a while. SNOWFLAKES!


I set up my shelter for lunch so I could relax, and of course the sun decides to come out. The glow was brief though, and my lovely afternoon walk down three island trail was dry for the most part although still with overcast. I’ll have to come back here some day, I like this terrain alot. The creek I walked down reminded me of creeks Kirk and I would explore at home.


The rain came back and I was desperate to get out of it and picked a terrible place for a camp, but I’m already here and in my sleeping bag so I’ll make the best of it. I hope there is less rain tomorrow. (Oh, and I get to Wyoming too!!!!!)

2 thoughts on “Day 86 – 26 Miles (1380 miles from Mexico)

  1. The picture of the shoes is great! Thanks for sharing your adventure I look forward to reading your blog every day. You have inspired me to get up in the mountains and get back my hiking legs.


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