Day 85 -18 Miles (1354 miles from Mexico)

Spent another night in a real bed…ahhh. The morning passed with packing and making my future mail drop. I also wanted to give my sleeping bag another go in the dryer, and since my hotel’s laundry room was out of order, I contimplated going back to the laundry mat from yesterday; logistically it would just be a pain, but then I had the great idea to go across the street to another hotel. I took my bag over to Holiday Inn and soon was drying it…ah, much better.

When it was check-out time I headed out to the post office, mailed some things and picked up one more package from NEMO. Goodies! Fun little mini goodies! Thank you Nemo, you know just what I would like.

I then headed over to the Point6 office were Derek gave me a ride back to the trail, which was fantastic because I thought a hitch might take a while.

Even though rain and storms had been likely for the afternoon, it ended up being an overcast, but misty and mostly dry walk. It was really beautiful with the wildflowers thickening by the day, the many lakes (although that meant mosquitos!), and heavy clouds.



The CDT has more flowers per square inch.

I wandered in and out of meadows and kept watch for any moose. A peaceful afternoon and I got to FINALLY listen to some music! Kirk sent out his old Ipod since I broke mine and it is DEVINE! I totally forgot it had amazing music on it. This will make a big difference…I love me my music.

I made camp after a good afternoon of walking, and just in time too, for the heavy clouds are getting a little lighter…


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