CDT day 42: mystery rashes and broken icecream freezers

Carrot Quinn has another great blog about her CDT thru hike experience this year. For another perspective from a hiker who “flipped” and traveled to Canada to hike south back to where the north bound hike ended in northern New Mexico, check out her blog. I’m always entertained by her posts!


June 15
Mileage: 26
765.5 miles hiked

Just as I’m tucked into my sleeping bag, warm and cozy and ready for sleep, my legs start to itch. What the fuck? I lay there, trying not to scratch. If it’s mosquito bites it’ll eventually pass… but it doesn’t pass. The itching goes on, a sort of mild burning all over my legs. Then I hear Spark-

“Do your legs itch? I can’t fall asleep.”

I think of the nettles and cow parsnip we were walking through all day, in the heat. Cow parsnip, especially, I know can give you a rash if you get it on you in the sun. I almost drift off, but then the itching returns. I’m so goddam sleepy. Fuck! At least I’m cozy and warm. It’s been so cold in Glacier- sort of overcast and windy/foggy every day. Even if I’m trapped in this sleepless land…

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3 thoughts on “CDT day 42: mystery rashes and broken icecream freezers

  1. You’ve gotten me addicted to following thru-hike adventures. My morning routine since you left is to make a cup of coffee and then check to see if you have a new blog post. I just love hearing about your journey, even if it is a paragraph and a few photos. It’s fun to see the scenery change as you make your way across the CDT. It also gets me fired up to schedule another weekend backpacking trip.

    Carrot’s post was great, thanks for sharing it. I’ll have to add her to my morning routine!


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