Day 59 – 29 Miles (887 miles from Mexico)

Feeling stupid today. I should not have made that mistake yesterday, the other 100 times I’ve used my stove in the past two months I’ve checked to see that it was out. The line between disaster out here is thin, or maybe I’m just more aware of it.

Anyway, I actually slept well last night despite sleeping with no pad and some burns on my hand and arm. I dressed them and set off up Los Pinos pass and back to swing around and meet the CDT by the end of the day.




Storm coming!

Beautiful meadows, blue sky became dark and I was able to outrun a storm! Or more likely the wind was in my favor.

I finally reconnected with the CDT again at Spring Creek, the afternoon has been lovely despite the threatening clouds. The Aspen down here are absolutely magnificant, and since this is also the Colorado Trail through here the walking is on real trail! Woooo hoooo!


Oh joy!


Camped far above the creek with some gummies to keep me company.

2 thoughts on “Day 59 – 29 Miles (887 miles from Mexico)

  1. I did the same thing with my stove on the AT. Thought it was out and tried to refill. There were three of us sitting at a picnic table, and everyone did a backward roll to get away from the fireball. Could have been serious, but just ruined some gear. It’s one of the reasons I switched to a canister stove.


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