Day 58 – 27 miles (858 miles from Mexico)

Today was going so well before I lit myself on fire.

Accident with the beer can stove. I burned up my neo air & scorched my tarp in addition to my arm and some other stuff.

I’ll be fine, but can’t believe I did that.

Not going to be a good night’s sleep. Sucks.

Don’t do what I did. Double check that your stove is out before you add more fuel. Or carry a different stove.

I feel like an idiot.





Broke my sunglasses but they still work.

9 thoughts on “Day 58 – 27 miles (858 miles from Mexico)

    • They are healing…and I ended up getting a canister stove, I can cook with less stress of it happening again that way! Thermarest was toast, had an interesting time sleeping on the ground!


  1. What a bummer! I am so glad that you are ok. I almost did that when on the pct a few years ago. You can’t see the flame. I’ve almost burned my hand numerous times, checking to see if the stove was out. Sorry about the loss of your neoair. Ab but a bad day on the trail is better than a good day in an office. Take care we are with you in spirit


    • Thanks! I ended up getting a small canister stove, wow that cooks fast! I’m sure I’ll still use a beer can stove in the future, but for now I’m playing it safe…and there will probably be some fire bans up the trail anyway and i would want to switch out anyway…thanks for following along!


  2. That happened to us at a fondue party once. The hostess thought the flame was out so added more gel fuel – there was fire every where. Fortunately no one got hurt but a table cloth did not survive.


  3. Same thing happened to us on the PCT–twice!! ;-D Porter’s pants got burned, and the second time he wouldn’t let me douse him with water we’d lugged through the high desert. Hope you’re well on the mend. You and all your blog posts totally rock–so glad I got to meet you at the CDT kick-off in Silver City.


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