AT 2022 – Day 36: 5.7 miles (386.6 miles total)

The bed was cozy and I slept late….until 6am.

The morning was filled with coffee, food, and milling about the hostel. It was all very relaxing.

NEMO was due to arrive about noon, being delivered by her husband Pouch (trail name) and their 8-year-old son Rewan. NEMO, Pouch and I all met while thru-hiking the PCT in 2006, and those two fell in love. A trail romance grew into marriage, and I was there to see the whole thing! These three are part of my extended trail family and I love them very much.

They arrived with much fanfare (on my part). Because we were going to originally meet at the trail head, she brought me a full resupply. I didn’t need to carry 5 days of food, but she brought such yummy things that I threw most of it in my pack. I already regret the weight (I probably took much more than 5 days worth…this is the heaviest my pack has been this whole time), but I will be eating well! And I’m with one of my very best friends, so all is good.

Pouch drove us back to the trailhead and soon we were on our way. The going was mild and we took a swim break by a lovely creek and most excellent swimming hole. It rained, it rained hard, but it didn’t really matter, we were already wet with sweat.

Oh boy, NEMO is getting a taste of it right from the go. There was climbing, stairs, steps blasted into the rock, and wooden steps bolted to the rock. Straight up was the name of the game for the afternoon, but the sun came out and entertained us with its light play on the mossy green that carpeted everything around us.

We made camp in one of the last AMC fee campgrounds on a tent platform and I did my best to make a dent in all the food.

It rains a lot during the night.

Team She-Mo is back together!

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