AT 2022 – Day 35 -11.3 miles (381.1 miles total)

Today would be the Francinoa Ridge walk, another highlight of the White Mountains. It included summiting the imposing peak of Mt Lafayette and miles of alpine ridge walking.

I got an early start. On these town days it’s my MO to push hard and fast…why? Because I can. It’s fun to find your style (or styles) of hiking out here. When you are solo you can do exactly what you want 😉

Maine has prepared me well for New Hampshire. I feel good and strong. I can hike anything!

It looked like I would have views for the ridge when I popped up on top of Mt Garfield, but by the time I got up Lafayette the clouds had moved in. I had great views of a mist that shrouded the landscape, but no matter, it was cool and refreshing in what had been some hot weather lately.

I took a short break on top and started moving before I got too chilled. The tourists were coming! Today was a Saturday and as I started walking I encountered a steady stream of day hikers smelling fresh.

I threaded my way between them as I descended from the cloud, and even though I was hiking fast and hard, it still took me 6 hours to cover the 10 miles. Whew.

I had to walk an extra mile to get to the Flume Visitors Center where there was a food court (!!!) and while I was there I texted the hostel. They came to pick me up before I even had time to finish stuffing my face with pizza, and a few miles later I was in North Woodstock getting the tour of the Ski Club lodge that opened their doors to hikers this year.

It’s a fantastic place, and once there I found Gormet! She had decided to zero here, so I was able to catch up on all that had happened since I last saw her.

Every day feels like a week out here.

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