A busy year ahead

Welp, we’re almost a month into 2018 and the pace of all the good things continues.

I like the pace of life in Oregon’s high desert

I’m over two years into my job to establish the Oregon Desert Trail, and it’s still incredible to me that I am in a position to use all my hiking experiences in this job, and am seeing results.

It will be another busy year of presentations around the state, leading trail maintenance trips, and helping hikers get out on the trail.

Interested in joining me on one of the trips? Here are the 5 outings I’ll be leading this year. Registration opens for these and almost 30 other ONDA stewardship trips on February 19 here.

Badlands Wilderness Trail Work June 1-3
Celebrate National Trails Day on June 2 with trail maintenance in one of the newest Wilderness areas in Oregon, and the start of the 750-mile Oregon Desert Trail.

Fremont National Recreation Trail Work June 21-24
Enjoy views for miles on this trail maintenance project up and over Morgan Butte on the Fremont National Recreation Trail and Oregon Desert Trail.

Big Indian Gorge Steens Trail Work August 2-6
Steens Mountain sets the stunning backdrop for this trail maintenance project in the glaciated landscape of Big Indian Gorge along the Oregon Desert Trail.

Nye Steens Trail Work August 23-27
Want to work on a steep exposed amazing section of trail that drops over 1,000′ into the Little Blitzen Gorge along an Oregon Desert Trail alternate? This trip is for you.

Little Blitzen Gorge Steens Trail Work September 6-10
Join in this trail work trip in the glaciated canyon of Little Blitzen Gorge along an Oregon Desert Trail Alternate.

And if you are in western Oregon, join me at one of my presentations next week:

Eugene, Tuesday 1/30 @ REI 7pm

Portland, Wednesday 1/31 @ Mountain Shop @ 7pm

Hood River, Thursday 2/1 @ pFriem Brewery @ 6pm

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