I started something new…well, not exactly new.

I began screen printing about 7 years ago, designing images, making screens in my boyfriend’s bathroom, and printing on recycled clothing. I originally designed about 10 different bike images and would upcycle thrift store clothing and sell them at bike events around Bend.

That experience led me to start the business Hikertrash with another long distance hiker, Brian Frankle.

We ran that for three years, and just sold it this spring to another hiker in town who is taking it to new levels…but I’m still designing. Here are a few new images for the Hike Like a Girl series coming out soon:

All this is to say, I’m still having fun with design and the things I love, hiking and biking. SO….

I started a store on Zazzle, an online store that will put my logos on cool things and do all the shipping and fulfillment for me. So I’m bringing my bike designs back to life!

You can shop in my new store here.

Here are a few items you can find there…take a look!


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