Day 151 – 24 Miles (2578 miles from Mexico)

I am tired of walking. At a break this afternoon I sat by a beautiful trickle of a stream surrounded by the gold and maroon of fall in the mountains, and didn’t want to get up. It felt so nice to sit. It would be so nice to not have to walk all day every day. But I have to. At least for the next week. So close, I can’t let the fatigue get to me at this point.

This morning was dark in the river canyon we were camped in, and it wasn’t until 7 miles down the trail that I was able to take off my mittens, hat, and jacket. We found a ranger cabin completely wrapped in foil, at first I thought someone was playing a practical joke, but then I noticed the water hoses surrounding the cabin and figured they thought this part of the wilderness might burn. I had never considered how ranger cabins were protected before…must have taken a lot of work.


Wrapped like a package!

Then began a 6 mile climb up to Switchback Pass, aptly named! It was a beautiful day, and the going was quite pleasent. The top was clear and gorgous, and I plopped down on my tyvek to make lunch. Mountain Spice came up a little bit later and we soaked in the sun while talking about how close Glacier was. So close!


View from switchback pass

The walk down from the pass wandered in and out of high alpine meadows, around lakes the color of the sky, and down a countless number of switchbacks to the valley below.


Walking, walking, walking, why do these miles seem to take so long?

Camp is in a golden valley; the aspen must believe it is fall already.


10 thoughts on “Day 151 – 24 Miles (2578 miles from Mexico)

  1. Isn’t it interesting how, as you near the finish of something, you’re just done with it? Maybe when you smell the barn, you’ll get a great burst of mental energy. I’m guessing you might start feeling nostalgic, too…ya think? Hey, when Robert and I were in the town of East Glacier Park last month, we found Los Serranos Mexican Restaurant and its adjoining Backpackers Inn hostel ( and thought of you. I can hardly wait to hear about it! 🙂 Your posts have been lovely and I’ll miss them. They’re the first email I open every morning! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journey! XOXO


  2. So delighted to know you are human, even tho you are super human. Canada here you come! Bend is eager to have you back. Happy Trails Trail Warrior.


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