Day 152 -30 Miles (2608 miles from Mexico)

The CDT was on fire. Yes, the trail burned, and because of the rain and snow we were able to walk a section that still had the scorched earth smell, but was safe to pass through. What a desolate landscape, and I am so thankful for all the fire fighters that work on wilderness fires. I heard three firefighters died in some northern Washington fires this summer; one had been a PCT thru-hiker too. I have plenty of friends who fight fires and if I could give a big collective “Thank you for all you do,” I would.

We ended up hiking 30 miles today…didn’t intentionally set out to do that, but as the miles passed and we saw the potential, we kept grinding away at the earth: our feet sore, my left hip where I fell aching in the morning but warming up after a few hours, and our bellies anticipating our potential arrival in east glacier tomorrow. Tomorrow!!!!!!

To meet Kirk, I have a week left, A WEEK!

We walked along riverbeds containing more and more aspen turning gold and orange, and on mountainsides that could use a little trail love…lopping some of those trees that hang into the trail…and at the end of the night we met some trail crew folks. I know they have their work cut out for them. Mountain Spice has been carrying a large map of the Bob Marshall Wilderness and surrounding wildernesses, and there are a TON of trails on there…and the trend of more and more funding cuts.

So it was a long but productive day, we lay within earshot of a creek and are looking at an early start to get to town! Eat some food! Get our backcountry permits for the last week of the trail…in one of the most beautiful parks in the country! (So I’ve heard, this will be my first time to Glacier).

Gotta keep on keeping on.

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