Day 150 -25 Miles (2554 Miles from Mexico)

I slept, and I slept well. No animals trampled me during the night, and soon it was morning and time to start the ‘ol routine again.

We hiked a short morning to where we rejoined the main CDT, but not before I took the second big fall in as many days. Both times my foot caught on something and I hit the ground full force before I knew what was happening. Both times I was in pain, but fortunately not badly hurt. This morning however I fell hard on my left knee and hip, while I could tell they would be ok, i would be left with some attractive bruises. It’s astonishing more hikers don’t get seriously hurt from something as simple as a fall. I shudder to think how easy it would be to get seriously #$%#ed up out here.

Ok, not thinking about it! Happy I am just covered in dirt, and even though both falls put me in somewhat of a foul mood, I moved on.


We hiked primarily in the trees until coming up on a pass at the Chinese Wall. I had been hearing about this feature of the Bob Marshall wilderness for years…and while I’m not sure why it is called the “Chinese Wall” or quite how it was formed, but it was completely impressive. You can’t even take it in all at once, the trail walks for 9 miles under it, and apparently there is a north wall that I won’t even get to see.


I'm alive!

We met some horse packers and a forest service ranger at the pass where we had lunch, and learned the last section that had been closed to fire in the park would be opening tomorrow. It didn’t effect where we were hiking, but its a good peace of mind to hear that anyway!

The afternoon we followed the wall’s contours, and marveled at all the footprints in the trail. Tons of bear, cat, little critters I wasn’t sure of, horses and other hikers. I made good use of my bear bell in this section.




It was just a splended day to be alive and the day was perfectly warm and skies without a hint of cloud.

We made our way down yet another drainage to make camp in the only flat spots we’ve seen for miles, not far from the gurgling creek.

We are on track to get to Glacier on time, and as we are already rationing our food, it won’t come a minute too soon.

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