Day 128 – 13 Miles (2111 miles from Mexico)

I was successful in not doing much of anything yesterday, so today had to resupply, mail some stuff, patch my tarp, and manage a few other odds and ends.

The morning passed quickly and soon it was check out time and we were on the porch hanging out for a few more hours. Delightful had texted, they were going to get to the pass about 2pm, and to save Sam a few trips we decided to wait to leave until then.

We had lunch at the restaurant, I did regret the greasy fried food soon after as it sat REALLY heavy in my stomach. I knew some hiking would help that out though.

Dan, G Funk, and I got back on trail at 2pm, and I spent the afternoon walking some very pleasent tread through trees and a few open balds. As I tend to do, I made camp earlyish (well, earlier than the guys like to) and enjoyed some down time to drink a beer I packed out, eat some dinner, and just putz around with my camp.

So looking forward to sleeping on my new pad! Air is where it’s at. None of this ridgerest stuff for me anymore!


Oh blessed air!

2 thoughts on “Day 128 – 13 Miles (2111 miles from Mexico)

  1. That looks SO cozy. I hope it cradles your ass for many miles to come. My old thermarest is cooked, so looking for suggestions for some middleaged air.


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