Day 127 – 3 Miles (2098 miles from Mexico)

I had picked a nice flat campsite, and the night was filled with crazy dreams…some all too real. A few hours before dawn I woke to go to the bathroom and saw an orange light flickering in the distance, shit! Was that a fire!!!!! I stared at it, it was only one small spot, and then it moved, and I realized I was looking at car lights on the near-by road filtered through the smokey air. Phew, so much smoke still makes me on edge.


Smokey morning

I only had a few miles to walk this morning, and by 8am I was at the gravel “highway.” Thankfully I had arranged a ride with Sam, the owner of the Leadore Inn, because only one car passed in the 2 hours I was there…going the wrong direction. I wasn’t sure how soon I would make it to the road, so told him 10am for a pick up.

G Funk arrived shortly after I did, and we drank coffee and chatted while waiting. Once Sam rolled up, we piled into his pickup and headed towards town. He is a stellar dude, having just purchased the motel a year ago, and once we arrived, found it to be one of the coziest, nicest places I’ve stayed on the whole trail. Leadore doesn’t even have a stop sign, but it has everything a hiker could need. Post office, gas station/convenience store, bar/restaurant, and motel. Perfect.

I showered and spent the rest of the day laying in bed watching a mixture of cable and netflix on my phone. Thankfully my credit and debit cards arrived, and I also got my new sleeping pad from Gossamer Gear and a big cuben patch for my tarp where I melted it in my fire accident a while back. It’s been holding up ok, but Ron and Brandon wanted to send me a patch so it would pitch better.

Dan, G Funk, and I went to dinner at the bar, met some hilarious locals, and devoured some cheesesteak sandwiches.

When I returned to the room I found the movie The Matrix on TV and soon after fell asleep.

Good nero!

6 thoughts on “Day 127 – 3 Miles (2098 miles from Mexico)

  1. I have been following for a while now and am so excited you’re in Montana (and Idaho). It’s my home and I love hearing and seeing tales of the trails here. That said, I’ve been keeping all the CDT hikers in my thoughts with the fires and smoke we have right now. The Montana Inciweb Fire info is great, but the USDA Forest Service Fire Detection Maps are even better if you haven’t found them yet. At least easier to navigate if you’re not familiar with all the National Forests. Someday I’ll section hike and following along with you has been a great reminder to get out and enjoy the mountains. Cheers.


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