Day 94 – 28 Miles (1604 miles from Mexico)

The glowing horizon beckoned this morning, but I had a hard time rousing myself…no matter, these guys are not early risers, and even after I was up and drinking my coffee they slept. Its pretty interesting to see all these different hiking styles out here. As much as I love hiking with others, sometimes it’s hard to give up your method for anothers…but since our time together is coming to a close soon I happily hike what this crew wants to hike. Onward!


This was the Oregon Trail!

The day was more rolling vast tracts of land. As we wandered in and out of the rises and draws I tried to soak it all in since the Winds were getting closer and closer. Soon I wouldn’t have these vistas, instead I would have towering granite peaks and high alpine lakes, Yes! I love all the diversity out here. Just as you are getting tired of one type of landscape, here comes its polar opposite to mix things up.

Justa was meeting us at South Pass City, which really isnt a city…it’s a historic site, with many of the old city’s attractions placed behind glass so the modern day man can marvel at the days past. It’s also a place where hikers can send themselves maildrops, and in my case, a place I put on my blog as a mail drop, and did I get mail!!!!!!



Thank you my dear readers! I was blown away by the goodness contained in cardboard which included:
-chocolates from FRANCE from my Peace Corps friend Christine!
-chips, goodies, and a little reminder of our Jennifer Connely movie marathon from my ladies in Bend Brooke & Adryon…they even included Sparrow Bakery cookies!!!!
-a box of letters and coffee and yumminess from my fellow board members at Art in the High Desert, I’ll be missing the show at the end of August in Bend, but they have me covered out here!
-delights from my parent’s friends Pete & Verona, and a little rum to ease the aching legs!
-socks, mini packets of deliciousness and more from fellow hiker Bethany (Gloves) who knows first hand what a hiker would need out here

All of this comes at a very good time, because I want to:

Hiker Hunger!

Ok, after all of these eats we decided to walk the next 3 miles to highway 28 where Justa would drive around, meet us, and take us into Lander – about 35 miles away.

I didn’t want to hike anymore, my knees have been ACHING from all the high miles, but I knew this would make getting back to the trail MUCH easier since I wouldn’t be with the Justa-mobile after this.

I decided my body needed a day off, and the rest of the crew would be hiking out the next day.

We made a bee-line to Cowfish, the brewery and steak house in town, had an AMAZING burger, and then checked into a hotel down the road.

Time to go comotose.

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