Day 93 -34 Miles (1576 miles from Mexico)

I slept well on the hard ground. Most nights I get a full night’s sleep, no matter that I’m sleeping on a 1/4 inch of foam on the earth, I am tired enough.

It looked like a cross country section in today’s walking would be really difficult for Justa to get around…the surrounding roads just didn’t line up with where the trail was going, so we begrudgingly packed up our bags, we would backpack the next 60 miles…but not before breakfast!!


We had an amazing masterpiece scramble by Justa, and with full bellies and long miles ahead, we set off.

And the sky does not dissapoint! We cruised the surface of the earth and scared up lots of antelope, wild horses, mule deer, and even bunnies. What a day!




At about 30 miles I started to slow down, and by the time we were looking for camp and not finding anything in the lumpy, rocky, sagebrushy landscape, finally pitched in the road. “Road” being a fairly generous term.


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