Day 92 – 37 Miles (1542 miles from Mexico)

We woke up when the sky took on a brilliant sheen in the east. I made some coffee and we decided to hike a few miles to where Justa would drive ahead and make us breakfast…what!?! Wow!!!


And yes, it really was that good. We would hike and Justa would meet us a bit down the road where we had coolers full of cold drinks and a full array of snacks awaited us. This is living.

We laughed from time to time at how decadent this all was, and reflecting on my almost solo 3 months of hiking, loved at how the trail had turned that on its head. People! Food! Friends! Turning a challenging section into a blast!



By 8pm or so we had gone just over 37 miles, my longest day ever on any trail. And yep, it meant hiking all day, but we also got in some great lounging around too.

Justa shined again at making sure we were full and sated (bloody marys, really!)

Lovely day.


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