Day 91 – 21 Miles (1505 miles from Mexico)

I woke from the depths of the Days Inn bed…this much comfort makes it hard to get up in the morning! I put the little hotel coffee pot to work and curled up in bed with my phone; it’s a common occurance when you get a bunch of hikers together where there is wifi available, to see everyone absorbed in their little screen…me included. One of the modern signs of trail life.

After a lazy morning we all headed to City Market to buy groceries for the 120 mile stretch of the Great Divide Basin. We would all hike together during this section, as Justa drives the route and cooks for us. What!?! How did I get so lucky?


This is Lint’s triple triple hike, and he wants to do it big for what might possibly be his last long trail, at least the last for a while. Having Justa out here meeting him with good company, food, and beer had put a spring in his step…and I’m thrilled to get to hang with them for a few days! I won’t be keeping up the 35-40+ miles per day that he plans to cover, but for this dry long exposed section it’s perfect to challenge myself with the bigger days. Why not? There’s a hot meal and cold beer involved!

We hit an AMAZING Thai buffet on the way out of town, and with stomachs full and legs rested, we walked out of town into the great wide open.



We covered about 21 miles this afternoon, skirting the highway for a while, and then heading straight off into the nothingness. (there’s actually not too much nothingness out here, we’ve seen lots of antelope, wild horses, lizards, cows, snakes, bunnies…beneath the scrubby brush there is a whole world teaming out here).

We ended the day when we found Justa on a little overlook that would make a perfect campspot. We relaxed in our camp chairs and inhaled the delicious dinner she made us.


I’m so lucky!


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