Day 90 – 32 Miles (1484 miles from Mexico)

I woke knowing I would see Lint soon, and as I hit the highway and turned on my phone at the pass, sent him a text and continued walking down the road. At the same time I noticed a truck parked just ahead, and as soon as I got a bit closer, noticed a tent next to it.

Could it be? No…wait, yes, it’s Lint and Justa!

They were camped right around the corner from where I was. He had hiked until about 9pm and she had been there, and I woke them up as I came rushing in to the truck.


Yeah girl!


They woke up and we reunited…Lint and I have been friends for over 10 years, and I knew this would be the first time we would actually get to hike together, so cool!

And the fact that Justa was out to support him was amazing. The plan for the day was for Justa to drive up every 3 miles or so, and we wouldn’t carry anything. Nothing. And she would be there with water, our food, oh some AMAZING breakfast…which translates to a thru-hikers DREAM.







Walk, car, walk, car, and soon we saw a figure grow larger behind us, why it’s another hiker, Grapenut! He joined in on the slack pack goodness, and at one stop in the afternoon we came up upon Lint’s truck and saw an orange hat we didn’t recognize…Patches! So now we’re 4 thruhikers strong and hiking a 30 plus mile day to get to Rawlins, and then…slack pack the Great Divide Basin!

Life is good folks…life is good.

We got to town, ate junk food, found a hiker-friendly hotel, showered, and passed out. I’m with hikers!

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