Day 80 -18 Miles (1266 miles from Mexico)

With bellies full from good food and wine, we fell asleep quickly, and woke slowly. Check out from our cabin was 10am, and I intended to make the most of the morning.

We layed around a bit and then made our way to the restaurant for a breakfast buffet. I wasn’t sure how hungry I would be after eating so much yesterday, but when I saw the bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit and more I suddenly found room for two plates. Oh yeah.


My Aunt is hikertrash!

When 10 rolled around Aunt Barbara dropped me off at the post office to mail some stuff home, snow gaiters be gone! She had brought all sorts of treats for me to pack out and her friend from work Barbara (who knows Farmer) made me some DELICIOUS homemade cookies! I tell you, my moral is up pretty high right now ๐Ÿ™‚


Yum, yum, yum, yum

I walked out of Grand Lake and had a blissful day in the trees with one pretty nice climb up to Bowan Pass and up and over the other side. the 50% rain and thunder didnt materialize, and I enjoyed a pleasent afternoon in the mountains. When I happened upon a beautiful meadow and nice little spot for my tarp I called it a night a bit early and decided to enjoy the handsome evening in camp.



4 thoughts on “Day 80 -18 Miles (1266 miles from Mexico)

  1. Hey She-ra, Just want you to know we both look forward most to the daily news from She-ra on the CDT and your wonderful pictures! Go girl! Nena Mac in Gila


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