Day 79 – 8 Miles (1248 miles from Mexico)

Everything was soaking when I woke, that’s what happens when you camp next to a lake, and when it poured the evening before. The trail was brushy and overgrown and if my shoes, socks, and skirt hadn’t been soaked from the night before, they would have quickly became drenched in the morning dew. Nevermind, I was close to Grand Lake!


I made my way up and down, around and in and out of the coves of Granby Lake, until I emerged at a trail head right in the middle of everything. Cute river-front homes and cottages dotted the shores of Grand Lake and Granby, and a short walk away I was in town eating breakfast.


I made my way up to Grand Lodge where I would be meeting my Aunt, and as I was sitting at a table enjoying a mimosa I hear her voice behind me ordering a coffee. Sweet!!

We spent the afternoon catching up, I take a much desired shower (it’s been a week), do some laundry (everything STINKS) and we have a wonderful dinner at the lodge.


Another treat to have family come spoil me for a day, I can’t express how wonderful this was!

After dinner we had a soak in the hottub overlooking the lakes, life is pretty good right now.


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