Day 81 – 30 Miles (1296 miles from Mexico)

Well I hiked a lot of miles today, but not all of them necessarily counted…I had my first significant displacement of 4 miles today, I had totally missed a trail junction and merrily walked about 2 miles down the wrong trail, and by down I mean hiked off the ridge I was supposed to be on. But to be honest I wasn’t too mad at myself, i’ve been out here a long time and for that to be my first time taking the wrong trail is pretty good. Compared to the stress of navigating the CDT in previous years, the app and phone gps has made a huge difference out here. I’m not lost nearly as much as I could be.


There is moose running away from me if you look close

So when I reached Willow Creek Pass and saw the thunderheads building I decided to take the storm route around Parkview Mt. It was a fine walk, and I was able to listen to my Alt-J Pandora station for most of the afternoon, but the storm never materialzed and I could have gone up there…the road was easier but longer…again miles that I walked but didn’t need to. Oh well.


I met the trail again at Haystack Mt and wrapped back around it and to Troublesome Pass where I’m now camped.

30 miles feels good, there is much more daylight, but there’s no reason to push it, I was getting stumbly at the end, and that’s a good time to get hurt.

I’ll read a bit and then close my eyes, or close my eyes now…

2 thoughts on “Day 81 – 30 Miles (1296 miles from Mexico)

  1. The FIRST time you were two miles off trail before noticing? Wow!! I noticed that you didn’t talk about being lost as much as I remember, but I thought that was just because you are less of a whiner than me. Seriously, this is blowing my mind.


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