Day 72 – 5 Miles (1112 miles from Mexico)

I lay in bed till 7! Till 7! Oh the luxury!

Teresa and I had a lazy morning, and then headed into Golden to the CDTC office, but not before a stop to Great Harvest where her good friend Jim who owned the store hooked me up with taste after taste of deliciousness.

I did my resupply and by that time we met up with Peter (CDTC magic worker) for lunch at an indian buffet. Mmmmmm, buffet. I got a beautiful new Montbell Jacket to replace the one I burned in a recent unfortunate accident with a former stove, and had a great time catching up.

By 3 I was back on the trail and soaking in the goodness from the last 24 hours. I didn’t have it in me to make big miles in the hot and humid afternoon, and when I came across Colorado Trail hikers Just Dave and Zero Zero, I had to stop and chat for a bit (I admit I dissuaded them from going over the cornice route…reinforced with photos!) and then at the bottom of the hill met Naked and Afraid, a lovely CT hiker from Lousiana out with her dog. We chatted for a bit too, and then I figured I should walk a bit more…but not much.

I’m camped somewhere flat with trees that won’t fall on me if the wind picks up (there are storms and wind due tonight). Sometimes it’s just enough to know you are sleeping where trees will most likely not fall on you during the night. It’s the little things out here.


My new jacket has fleece lined pockets...FLEECE!


Me and this stick are ready for the rain

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