Day 51 – 25 Miles (767 miles from Mexico)

First warm night I’ve had on the trail in a while! The lower elevation felt great, my cough hasn’t been bothering me, and I don’t even have to zip up my sleeping bag all the way. Life is good!

We walked a few miles into South Fork to grab coffee and a breakfast sandwich, and continued on up the road.

Road road road, walk walk walk, road road road, walk walk walk.

We picked up more trash…Mark Trails has a different meaning for Hikertrash, and I think his version is pretty awesome too. Hikers picking up trash. hiker trash


Mark Trails Hiker Trash Tour

We ate lunch river side (the very swollen Rio Grande that is) and just had walked a little further when we came across the Blue Creek Inn…pie and a beer? Don’t mind if I do. You gotta accept the serindipity of the trail.


All aboard!


So then Creede was within reach, so we walked to Creede. Upon arriving we met Skip, the local judge who advised us on where to sleep, and we had tasty sandwiches at Tommyknocker, the local bar.

It was a good long day….I prob have one more before getting back up on the divide, and Mark Trails heads north from here. Real snow-free trail is in our near future, hope we can find some.

One thought on “Day 51 – 25 Miles (767 miles from Mexico)

  1. Loved Creede. Walked same road by same river and ate at Tommyknockers too!. You could climb to divide from town. Cool dayhike up then hitched down with guy that climbed fourteener there. Peace. Pineneedle.


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