Day 50 – 10 Miles (742 miles from Mexico)

I could tell no one was in a real hurry to leave town this morning, so when I woke near sunrise, I happily rolled over and went back to sleep.

After another great breakfast, we packed up and made it all into the car by about 11am.


Barbara and Lulu were great hosts

We cruised by Rusty’s house (Whiptale’s band-mate who was housing Mark Trails and First Man) and soon had more hikers and packs in the car, although I think we smelled better this time than when he picked us up.

Pagosa Springs, hikers, packages, pizza, and then we were in the car again with Lot who would be hiking north on the trail with Restless and #2; Mark Trails and I would hike north on the highway.

We said our goodbyes and hit the pavement.


Whiptale, one of the most amazing trail angels ever!

The road walk was filled with sillyness, which a good road walk should, and we gave into the serendipity of the road which included rootbeers at the Wolf Creek Inn, and whatever else we could get up to on a road walk.


Picked up wierd trash


And i scoped out the water for packrafting potential.

Why not embrace the luxuries of the road if that is the trail.

Make it what you will!

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