Day 52 – 22 Miles (789 miles from Mexico)

We woke after a great night’s sleep and I made a list of my resupply as Mark Trails and I drank coffee in the town park.



I figured 5 days of food for whatever I get up to, that would be plenty to head up to the Divide at Pole Creek, or some other route that looked good.

After resupply we said our good byes and we both headed our seperate directions. I walked the road south and west out of town…I knew I would have a lot of road miles, and AFFIRMATIVE, the feet are pounded.

I could not have had a better day of views though, wow! At one point some young girls pulled over to ask me what I was doing, and I had a good time seeing the gleam in their eye as I discribed my hike.




The last phone booth alive

Just as I was getting ready to drink some muddy snow-melt, I convinced myself to walk to the next set of buildings in case I could get water from a store or person up the way. I’m sure glad I waited cause there sure was a store and I had just made it before closing. One Sprite and Milkyway later I was on the porch filling my water when Doug, a guy who worked there who had seen me hiking a few days before, had dropped off some trail magic at my pack…beer!

Yes! How nice!

I walked a few more miles to where I would take forest service road 520 up to the Divide, and pulled off to climb a bluff and make camp.


Thamks for the beer Doug!

It was a quiet, introspective, and calm day of walking.


7 thoughts on “Day 52 – 22 Miles (789 miles from Mexico)

  1. At this point you may as well follow the highway all the way to WY, as you’ve missed the best that the CDT in CO has to offer. Why bother with a “CDT” hike if you can’t hike the beautiful portions of the CDT???


    • Nah Hermit, I don’t agree, there are hundreds of miles left in colorado…200 miles of a 3,000 mile trail doesn’t break a thru hike! Besides I’ve already hiked half of the those miles before, and if I’ve learned one thing it’s that the divide can’t always be hiked safely…we all hike different CDTs out here, stay as close to the divide as conditions allow and connect your steps from Mexico to canada! The rest are just details.


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