Day 61 – 26 Miles (938 miles from Mexico)

Each day is rife with it’s own challenges. Today it was the reintroduction of snow…not so deep and steep as to be a real problem, but after the cruising easy miles the past few days I remember how much it tries your patience. Ok it did make for some beautiful views, I’ll give the snow one there, but as I lost my sunglasses yesterday I was not looking forward to sunny snowy meadows. Fortunately I didn’t have to do too much squinting because most of the day was overcast.




As with my lost sunglasses, burned up thermarest, patched but trashy repair jobs on my tarp and down jacket, burned tyvek, broken watch (as of this morning), and lost hankerchif (today too, I swear I thought it was a decent day till I’m taking this tally), in addition to my blisters which need to be kept clean, I feel like I could use the TLC of my parents. It’s crazy, I know I’ve had a ton of days off lately, but man, my gear and everything is breaking down! I think that calls for a regroup day. Oh, and I’m tired of sleeping on the ground with no pad…today I stopped a little early when I was starting to see less and less flat ground without snow, and the elevation just goes higher for miles. A girl’s gotta sleep!

So the folks will be in the area tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get reception so we can make a plan. Maybe they’ll support me for a few days, meet me at road crossings with lunch? Take me back to the RV at night? I could get used to that! First things first, replace some of this gear I’ve destroyed and eat a big fat steak.


Sunburnt and tired.

7 thoughts on “Day 61 – 26 Miles (938 miles from Mexico)

  1. D-Day-1 of my 1st real bike tour… down the Oregon coast to San Francisco… I was sitting in the middle of my PILE of gear, trying to figure out how to make it all fit on a bike w/only rear panniers and a handlebar bag… and I had a GENIUS idea. Get rid of the largest item and it all fit with… room… to… spare. GENIUS!

    Day 1 — pedaled as many miles as I’d pedaled in the previous 2 weeks. We were too tired to erect a tent in the bucketing rain so opted to sleep under an empty picnic shelter. Collapsed onto my nice soft sleeping pad. No. That was the item I’d voted off the island. 90 miles in my wake. Because I’d spent the previous summer sleeping on soft pine needles humus in Georgia forests.

    Collapsed onto a nice soft… picnic table.

    Couldn’t bend to touch my knees the next morning.


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