Day 21 – 16 Miles (336 miles from Mexico)

Back on the trail…err, road. More road walking today, but the excitement came with a massive lightening and hail storm. Oh joy. Well my rain gear works…having an umbrella is pretty sweet too. But strikes about a mile away were NOT enjoyable.


Its coming for me!

The morning started out better, coffee, eggs, and more good company followed by a trip to the post office to pick up my resupply package and a box of goodies from my parents…mmmm, more cheetos!

Boston Bones and I stopped by the Pie Town Cafe where we had lunch yesterday to take our photos in the big cut-out out front, when the owner came out to see if we were there for breakfast…I already ate, but ok! I can have a second helping! The restaurant wasnt quite open, but he made coffee for us while we waited for the grill to fire up. Mmmmm.


After that I went back to the Toaster House to pack up, and headed out about noon. Heavy pack, I know I have more food than I need, but it’s so hard to give up the goodies I sent myself and my folks sent, so I’ll eat well this stretch.

The road out of town was not a friendly place. Sign after sign warned against tresspassing, and I started to wonder where I would camp. I knew that about 16 miles down the road at the Thomas Mountain Ranch that I could get water, and the folks, I had heard, were quite welcoming.



A welcome sight!

After the storm, and the threat of more to come during the night, I figured I would ask the Thomas fam if I could camp on their land.

I arrived, and seeing a sign saying please knock, I did so an the door opened to some of the friendliest and most welcoming folks I’ve met. They were about to sit down to dinner and invited me to join them, wow! And then to top it off they offered me a place to sleep in their RV in the yard. I would have hiked on or tarped, but the thunderstorms were thick in the air, so I gladly accepted their offer. I’m all set up and am reveling in the generosity of these folks, and grateful I don’t have to be out in the storm (I HATE lightening).


11 thoughts on “Day 21 – 16 Miles (336 miles from Mexico)

  1. Hey She-ra,
    We so enjoyed your visit with us and getting your postings in our mailbox. Your name fits, super hero you are! You really have put in some long days. So glad you are keeping the blog so we can go with you in our imagination.
    Stay safe and strong! Nena


  2. I wonder if they still use the George Foreman grill we all pitched in to get them in 2007? She cooked us all buckwheat pancakes and all 7 of us slept out a big thunderstorm in their bunker. Such good people.

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