Day 22 – 20 Miles (356 miles from Mexico)

I just want to hide today. Actually, I think I’m hidden pretty good up on a canyon ledge…Can I be antisocial if there are no other people around? Since waking up this morning in the Thomas’s trailer, I’ve only seen cars…no other hikers, but I still just want to pass by unnoticed. My mental state can probably be partially attributed to my monthly cycle…retreating into myself can happen during that time, but also the weather and warnings I’ve been getting must play into it as well.

After a close brush with lightening yesterday, I was not pleased to see the forecast was the same today. After a pleasant first mile or two on the road, the sky opened and rain fell. I was covered up nice and good, but I started re-thinking my plan to hike the Malpais, or the lava flow area. It is rich in history of the native americans that traveled through these parts, but I knew there were no trees for much of it. In fact, I would be the tallest thing around, and with dark clouds on the horizon and even darker ones sure to come after I had some thinking to do.


Hiding at break

My mood was in the dirt…so I set up my shelter next to one little tree that I could find before they all disappeared, and mulled over my route choices. I made a hot dinner and took a nap too…at the end of my break I decided to go the route of trees and canyons…and not play the human lightning rod. Yes, I feel a bit lame for skipping out on that section, but as a solo hiker I HAVE to hike where I feel most safe.

Ahh safety…so apparently there has been some drug smuggling activity in the area as well…the Ley maps allude to this and Snorkle actually has a chilling story about the next stretch of trail I will hike…needless to say I am NOT camping there, so have cut my day short to camp safe and hide in case there is anything to hide from. And I also touched base with my good friend Sage who had some words of caution about Grants…apparently she had an unsavory interaction there and just wanted me to keep my guard up, all of these events have me holed up in a tree as camouflaged as I can be.


Hiding at camp

The clouds are dissipating, the sky is supposed to be mostly clear tomorrow, maybe I won’t be as tired and will be a bit more optimistic.

6 thoughts on “Day 22 – 20 Miles (356 miles from Mexico)

  1. KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!!!(HIKE!!!) be safe. hey if you need anything in the steamboat to este park area let me know. i live close. it would be cool to help and meet someone (and your hiking crew) who has thru hiked.


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