Day 17 – 21 Miles (271.4 miles from Mexico)

I’m going to try and not start each blog entry with “I’m tired,” but when I and writing at the end of a long day, it’s spot on. Just know that I’m tired…these miles sometimes flow, sometimes get hiked in fits and starts. Today I’m surprised to have hiked 21 miles…my legs sure feel it.

The three of us didn’t get started until almost 7:30…quite late by my standards so far. As Bearclaw and I walked down the road we were given a quiet hello by an elk standing in relief just up the road. Pretty spectacular!


The morning road walk

The morning was COLD and we road walked quickly to try and stay warm. The start of the day wasn’t too scenic, but once we finished the Gila alternate and were back on the official CDT the views welcomed us. And reception!!! We had lunch at over 9,000′ because Bearclaw and I were glued to our phones…it has been a long stretch without reception, and we just wanted to let loved ones know that yes, we are a love, and yes, the trail is getting hiked.


On top of the world! Over 9,000'

A burn area made the next section a little dicey with tons of blowdowns…but soon we were floating down beautiful trail up and down wooded and rocky mountain tops. It was truly wonderful to be back on trail after so much road walking and the disappearing trail in the Gila.




I like seeing this again

The afternoon miles did not come quickly…but now we are camped on top a ridge with the hint of a storm on the wind. We all set up our shelters and have set to dinner and other tasks. My legs are aching…the ache of many miles…but also the ache of many miles to come. I hope to make it into Pie Town this weekend…for PIE and some rest for these appendages of mine.

4 thoughts on “Day 17 – 21 Miles (271.4 miles from Mexico)

  1. Enjoy your pie! And your shower. It’s great to hear you’re doing so well after that bad sciatica scare. When you return to Bend, please, please, please teach me the stretches you learned. It’s always good to be prepared. Hey, speaking of Bend, the local news is there’s not enough snow for the 8K Nordic leg of the PPP, so a 1 mile trail run is being substituted. Miss you! ❤


  2. New to your blog.. read Carrot’s book, then looked up her blog and blog hopped to follow several and here I am all caught up with you. I’m a trail book and blog junkie, I guess. A bit sad that Wild was the one that was made into a movie as it felt less like she was really prepared. Of the older books I’d have made the movie about the Barefoot Sisters, or.. any number of others.

    Anyway, I hope you get lots of great PIE and rest!!


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