Day 18 – 24 Miles (294.4 miles from Mexico)

Sleeping high on a ridge was actually quite warm last night. I didn’t even have my sleeping bag cinched so tight that only my mouth was exposed…some of the last nights have been like that…

The day was beautiful and we traversed the high ridge and climbed a bit more before dropping down down down a few thousand feet…the view was stunning, we could see the town of Reserve to the west, and the rest…what we would walk through later.



We hiked all morning since there was no water to be had…often we’ll take breaks at water sources as we fill up, but we’ve had a long carry, and will have another long carry after our one source today at a cow tank windmill. We met Peru hiking south to complete a section…she filled us in on the hikers we know…there are bunches of people behind us, and some in front, but like many thru-hiking bubbles, we are probably all traveling about the same speed, so haven’t seen anyone new in days.



We took an early lunch at the windmill and I filled up all 6 liters of capacity anticipating 15 more hiking miles without water, a dry camp, and possibly 10 miles of hiking tomorrow before our next good source. There have been a number of good seasonal sources, but you never know when those are going to end, and I like my water. I’m happy to carry much more than I need for the assurance that I’ll be covered.


Gotta get my nap in


Bearclaw & Axyl at our one water source

The afternoon was pleasent roadwalking, and some incoming clouds and possibly thunderstorms gave us some much desired shade. We had a few sprinkles at one point so I busted out my umbrella. When it passed without much happening, but the threat still present, I discovered I could wrap the umbrella around a trekking pole, giving me easy access if I needed it! I was quite proud of my discovery. But, no, I didn’t need the umbrella again.



We wound our way through some rolling hills finally to Mangas Mountain, the site of a lookout tower and we hoped a place to lay our heads for the night.

The climb was slow and ardous since we were tired from a long day, and when we got up I sure enough, passed right by the side trail to the lookout. When we realized it, we were already about a mile from the tower. No way we were going back, an extra mile!!!

So we found flatish spots to camp…unfortunately Bearclaw’s foot is having some swelling and pain…possible fracture??? She’s going to get a ride from the lookout in the morning to find out what the deal is. We just had a friend, Race, get off the trail a few days ago due to a staff infection in his foot. Man, the stakes are high out here! I wish Bearclaw & Race speedy recoveries!

So Axyl and I will make our way to Pie Town tomorrow. I’ve already been dreaming about what food I’ll eat…but even more exciting willl be the shower I’ll take. It will have been 11 days since my last shower. 11 days!

I’ll leave you with that odor.

7 thoughts on “Day 18 – 24 Miles (294.4 miles from Mexico)

  1. Enjoy reading your blog every day. You are doing what I dream about doing someday and your journey is very inspirational. For now, it’s 7-4 everyday in the office for me. Take care and may your continued journey be fun, safe and adventurous.


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