Video interviews…short and sweet

I sat down with the Willamette Week (a Portland weekly paper) yesterday for a short video interview about the Blue Mountains Trail, and got to share my unexpected challenge of having a lake freeze solid overnight…denying me my coffee water in the morning!

A frozen Black Lake along the Elkhorn Crest Trail.

Watch the interview and read the short blog post here.

3 thoughts on “Video interviews…short and sweet

  1. Lake freeze, coffee almost denied–phew. Every time you speak on the Blue Mountains Trail, I hear something new–and you’re shining light on the wildlands Greater Hells Canyon Council works hard to protect, too. Merci.

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  2. Hi Renee’!

    Say, I eagerly followed the Willamette Week link, only to enter a blizzard of ads and pop-ups, ending with a screen to verify I am over 21, and thus, closing the session, I never reached your interview on the BMT “Ice Nine” event in the Elks (Do you know Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle?).

    Like, phooey!:(

    Believe me, I don’t hold you in the least responsible for the .com user experience, but you may want to know how outlets treat your stuff.

    Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy your posts on your own site, greatly enjoyed your treatment back on the Trail Show, and am looking forward to your Hellraiser keynote, as well.

    Venues matter, Mike Beaty Halfway

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