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I always love chatting with the crazy hikers over at The Trail Show podcast. This month I joined them for episode 101 to talk about the Blue Mountains Trail.

If you haven’t listened to The Trail Show before, it’s more about beer than gear, more about hiking shenanigans than not, more about the goofy trail culture of hiking long trails than a buttoned-up show that’s all miles and not smiles.

My interview starts at 13:10:

Read about the history of the Blue Mountains Trail here and here.

Start reading about my section hike of the BMT here (Section 1, August 2020) (Section 2, October 2020)

3 thoughts on “The Trail Show

  1. New Year’s greetings, She-ra!

    Fan Mail: I greatly enjoyed your Trail Show interview and learned much about the Blue Mountains Trail, as well as ODT ONDA, from you.

    As with your BMT Thru posts, I most appreciate your synthesis (intersectionality) of hiking culture with environmental, cultural, and historical interests; call it Holistic Hiking if you will.

    And of course your choice of adult beverage did not go unnoticed…3 cheers for Deschutes. That said, however, I would nominate Terminal Gravity Eagle Cap IPA as the Official Brew of the BMT!:)

    Lastly, on the podcast you alluded to BMT strategic planning and production of a 2022 guide book.

    For what it’s worth, I would love to assist you and GHCC (Jared, et al) in these efforts in any way you may find useful.

    I have offered similar help to Jared, and, from my 30 years of professional cartography experience, recently submitted comments on the BMT fact sheet map posted by GHCC.

    I am a life long hiker (e.g. PCT Class of 2009, CDT 2012), live in Halfway, a neighbor to Mike and Donna Higgins, and wish to join the BMT Class of 2021, if not as a thru, then by sections and segments as able.

    Hike on, Terrapin (Mike Beaty) Halfway Oregon

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    • Hi Terrapin! Wow, thanks for reaching out, I’m just a little jealous of you getting to live in beautiful Pine Valley next to the Higgins’. And I’m sure we can use your talents as the BMT gets developed 🤗. Thanks for reaching out!!


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