Backpacker Radio Podcast Interview

I first met Zach (author of Appalachian Trials – and website which has since become The Trek) back in 2015 at the Winter OR Show. He was getting started on estabishing his thru-hiking media empire and I was with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) as their first hiking ambassador (before my 2015 CDT thru-hike), and to help them find partners to develop the trail.


hehe, I bet he didn’t think this photo would surface 🙂

Since then he started a podcast called Backpacker Radio, and has been asking me to participate. Our schedules aligned this summer when I went to the Outdoor Retailer show again, this time in Denver, and we sat down and went deep. Really deep, over 20 years into my history as a hiker and adventurer. It was a great conversation, and you can give it a listen here or here:

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