An Old PCT Adventure

Having thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail 12 years ago puts me firmly in the “OG” hiker category. In 2006 we didn’t have cell phones. No blogging, no instagram, no social media. It was a truly immersive hike with few to no distractions from the task at hand. I’m grateful to have experienced the trail when there were 200 thru-hikers, not 2,000.

I put together a long compilation of my photos in this video montage. It’s 45 minutes long and low rez, which I know is almost unpalatable these days, but here it is. I love the music, the hikers I met, the whole deal. This was originally a DVD with an intro screen you had to click through, but a friend digitized it for me and included the whole intro song “Walk Away Renee,” so if you want to bypass that go ahead and click through to minute 2:45.

9 thoughts on “An Old PCT Adventure

  1. The most awesome music ever! I love, love, love that you’ve always followed a different drummer and always with a smile. Wish to see it more often please!
    Love always,
    Your MOM


  2. renee, i’ve followed you thru lots of trails! i grew up in the sierras hiking and backpacking and have dreamed of doing what you’ve done…but i’m pretty older and there’s not much chance of me doing that. that’s why i love following you. this compilation is SIMPLY THE BEST ❤️. warmly, marsha from tahoe but on the oregon coast the last 42 years.


  3. Thanks so much. I think this montage should be called “Pure Joy” I know it was hard but your love for life and the outdoors just shines through.
    Thx again for sharing.

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