The trails will disappear if something doesn’t change

Remember in my last post where I lamented the state of trails and the lack of funding for our federal agencies to maintain them to the level they need?

Well I was listening to Emory’s By Land episode with friend Clay Jacobson from the Idaho Trails Association and they got into much more detail.

Listen here

If you are a hiker who wants to continue hiking trails, a trails advocate who wants more actionable stats or a policy maker who can make a difference regarding federal budgets, give it a listen.

We can’t keep relying on volunteers to maintain the bulk of our trail systems, and hundreds of miles of tread are being lost each year as is.

On another note I’m down near Fields this week and had the great pleasure of running into team UltraPedestrian on their epic hike from the Idaho Centennial Trail to the Oregon Desert Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail to the Pacific Northwest Trail… A journey of close to 3,000 miles.

Amazing! I knew when I started working on the Oregon Desert Trail that it would be a natural next step to connect into other trail systems. And here they are, the first to do it!

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