Sunshine Coast Trail – Day 7: 18 miles (108 total)

The campground had been quiet during the night, and I slept hard.

I found the trail at the far end of the car camping area and as I walked into the woods noticed some walk-in spots that looked lovely.

I was on a mission and my legs felt strong. To climb Mt. Troubridge! 4,281’ in 12 miles. Bring it!

I flew up that mountain. Not stopping for long, I wanted to keep pushing on, and I was at the hut, a short distance from the summit before noon.

I ate some left over little smokies, and decided to push on to the summit as there was no water or swimming options here.

I pushed on and look a lovely break and nap all spread out on my sheet of tyvek. No people! I was surprised as it was Saturday… and no people.

I was almost out of water so decided to go to Rainy Lake. The trail went DOWN… so much down. My knees were screaming by now with the thousands of gain and loss. I was going right back down to sea level. Oofta.

But when I picked my way down the steep trail to the lake I was so glad I made the effort. Deep waters right from shore, and not a person in sight! I stripped and and dove in the water, and just like that I wasn’t a sad dirty sack of hikertrash anymore, I was a sleek water nymph in a misty lake.

I filter some water and left for my destination only a few miles away… Fairview Hut on Saltery Bay.

When I got into the hut there were kids and people everywhere. I found a little flat spot in the trees near the water where I could set up, and it wasn’t long before I was in the tent enveloped in total exhaustion.

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