Day 12 – 12 miles (201 miles total)

I took a slow morning today. I didn’t set up my tarp and the night had been clear. But all the recent rain left me covered in dew even though I camped beneath a tree…camping beneath trees will often help keep you drier than out in the open. I dried out sleeping bag, finished the book I had picked up in Paisley and sipped coffee.

I walked cross country toward the Black Hills just south of Christmas Valley, and stopped by a few reservoirs that were on the map, curious if they had any water. Nope…and once I got near the cool rocky spot, hooked up with a dirt road that finally turned for a direct shot at town. 

It was a 4 mile straight road…which can often feel longer, but I finally rolled up about lunch time, and headed straight for the Pine Cafe where I had a ruben and a chocolate shake. Mmmm. That out of the way I did my resupply next door at the Sagewood grocery and headed over to the Desert Inn Motel. Only $45 for a room!

I spent the rest of the day chillaxing.

I’m planning my route north of here, and could be a 40ish mile water carry. We’ll see…I’m checking out some water sources, but the reality is I’m not sure so will probably walk out of here with at least 7 liters. Ouch. But that’s what you gotta do in the desert sometimes! 

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