Day 10 – 15 miles (167 miles total)

It did rain last night, which was quite fitting as I realized that with the change in the weather came the change of the seasons! Today is the first day of fall, and as I finished packing up my camp this morning, looked over to see snow on winter ridge above summer lake. Goodbye summer!

As the sky was heavy and dark, and was supposed to be so all day and tonight, I decided to only hike to the edge of the Diablo Rim instead of over it, which would make for a much too long of a day, and too much exposure for a forcast that included wind gusts up to 30mph.

Despite the threat of rain, I was dry most of the walk. The clouds and shadows that covered the land were beautiful, and I very much enjoyed the hike.

I had lunch at a dry waterhole on my climb up to the rim, but it was at the next water source that I found incredible views. First, there was still some muddy brown water at the Inter Mountain waterhole, and the dried out earth around it was flat and white…which glowed as the sun breifly hit it, with dark dark clouds in the distance creating incredible contrast. Wow.

I only hiked a little further and stopped early in the afternoon. Soon after I set up my tarp (a MUCH better pitch than yesterday) the rain started, and I burrowed in my sleeping bag content to read all afternoon.

I’m excited for a clear forcast tomorrow and a walk along the top of the desert.

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