Podcasts & Media

It seems the Oregon Desert Trail is a media darling! It’s fun to be working on a trail and have so much interest from hikers and the press.

Here’s a podcast I did with The Source, our local Bend, Oregon weekly newspaper

And a blog post I wrote for MSR about the Oregon Desert Trail.


There are more posts and articles in the pipeline, it’s all quite exciting!


I spent the weekend at the ALDHA-West Ruck and talked trail and sold some hikertrash. Photo courtesy of Robert Curzon

I also gave my first presentation on the Oregon Desert Trail at our Bend REI, and will be doing 4 more the week of March 21 in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass & Klamath Falls. Here’s some more info for those who are in the area and might want to attend.

Oregon Desert Trail March 2016

I’m planning my first big section hike of the trail in late May…stay tuned for more details!

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