Making Trail Movies (or not making trail movies)

Ahhrrg, I have a half-finished short movie on my hike that I put together months ago, but now it lays buried under months of not feeling very creative. Well, I’ve been preoccupied by my new job, I’ll have to dive into that more in another post, but in short, it has been an incredible few months of thinking like a thru-hiker to help take a trail to the next level…EXCITING!

So I’ve neglected my CDT movie for a while. And to be honest I was disappointed with the footage I took. Lots of feeling lazy and holding a shaky camera when I had a light tri-pod in my pack.

Maybe I need to change the background song, I could try another (start over) but I want to work on it again.

And that got me in the mood to watch some of the other movies I’ve made on recent adventures. Here’s the show roll! And maybe the movies are never as interesting to other people as they are to me, but it’s fun, and it really takes me back on those adventures.

Lets see what we got,

Here’s an early one:

Then we went back to the same river a few years later and I made this one:

I wrote about all these trips on my other blog, but there’s nothing like watching the videos again.

ahhhhh, it’s fun! I want to make a movie!

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