So… home.

There is almost too much to do, so I choose to do nothing. It’s as if I were preparing to hike a long distance trail, and the thought of 2,000 miles makes the first mile unimaginable. That is what getting home after an almost 6 month absence is like.

I want to look at my 6,000+ photos and hundreds of little videos and make movies. I need to unpack from our 2 week road trip. I want to see friends. I need to go through all my mail. I want to go to yoga. I want to read all the magazines I missed. I want to veg in front of netflix. I want to go for a walk. I need to work. I want to write lots of blogs and reviews. I want to packraft. I want to make things.

So I don’t do any of it, or I do it slowly and distractedly.

Did I just hike across the country? Man, seems like years ago now.

9 thoughts on “So… home.

  1. Be kind to yourself Renee, you’ll get what you need done. I imagine this transition isn’t easy. It has to be overwhelming to have so many choices to make each day instead of having the focused choices of the trail.


  2. Congratulations on completing the CDT! We followed your blog every day and will miss those updates. Good luck on your next adventure whatever or wherever that is!

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  3. here’s another choice to file away in your noggin…consider a trip to the beautiful oregon coast for a few days! i would love to meet and host you guys here in florence. i dug following you all the way on your journey. wish i would have been able to do that for your pct adventure as well!


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