Day 158 – 0 Miles

It was a day of not walking. We made our way down to East Glacier through a series of hitches and found ourselves back at Brownies, the bakery/hostel.

We ran into Malarky who had finished the trail the week before and was hanging out waiting for the hiker hoopla party tonight. We all grabbed lunch and ran into Chimi, Chiltin, Hedgehog, Messed Up, and Dayglow…they were just getting in and had all of Glacier to look forward to.

We spent the afternoon on the porch of Brownies and soon Rick, HD Mama’s husband and CDT trail angel extraordinaire, picked us up for a ride to the hoopla.

The spread was awesome, the Montana Trails Association put on a great event with live bluegrass, great food, plenty of beverages, and a killer raffle (with some donated hikertrash swag!)

I spent the night telling story after story…a bunch of hikers had come from the border having finished today: Delightful, G, Funk, Sam, Picker, Day Man and La La had all made it back…it would have been cool to have been done in time for the big party too, but now I’m glad I still have another night on the trail.

I went to bed late…but it was worth it!

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